How to Keep a Southern Toad? Ultimate Care Guide

How to Keep a Southern Toad?

Southern Toads are great pets. They are small and easy to care for. This guide will help you keep a Southern Toad happy and healthy.

Setting Up the Habitat

The habitat is very important. It should mimic the toad’s natural environment.

Choosing The Right Tank

Start with a 10-gallon tank. This size is perfect for one toad. You can use a glass or plastic tank.


Use soil, coconut fiber, or moss. These materials hold moisture well. They also help the toad dig and hide.

Temperature And Humidity

Keep the temperature between 70-75°F. Humidity should be around 50-60%. Use a thermometer and hygrometer to monitor these levels.


Southern Toads do not need special lighting. Natural room light is enough. You can use a low-wattage bulb if needed.


Add some decorations. Use rocks, logs, and plants. These items make the habitat interesting and provide hiding spots.

Feeding Your Southern Toad

Southern Toads eat insects. A varied diet is best for them.

Types Of Food

  • Crickets
  • Mealworms
  • Waxworms
  • Small roaches

Feeding Schedule

Feed your toad 2-3 times a week. Offer as many insects as the toad will eat in 15 minutes.


Dust the insects with calcium powder. This helps keep your toad’s bones healthy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping the habitat clean is very important. This prevents illness and keeps your toad happy.

Daily Tasks

  • Remove uneaten food
  • Check water dish and refill if needed

Weekly Tasks

  • Spot clean the substrate
  • Clean decorations

Monthly Tasks

  • Replace the substrate
  • Deep clean the tank

Handling Your Southern Toad

Handle your toad gently and as little as possible. Toads have sensitive skin.

Steps For Safe Handling

  1. Wash your hands with plain water
  2. Gently scoop up the toad
  3. Support its body and avoid squeezing

Reasons To Handle Less

  • Reduces stress
  • Prevents skin damage
  • Minimizes risk of spreading germs
How to Keep a Southern Toad? Ultimate Care Guide


Common Health Issues

Southern Toads are hardy, but they can get sick. Watch for these common problems.

Health Issue Symptoms Prevention
Red Leg Disease Red patches on legs Keep habitat clean
Parasites Weight loss, lethargy Quarantine new toads
Respiratory Infections Wheezing, mucus Maintain proper humidity
How to Keep a Southern Toad? Ultimate Care Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Southern Toads Eat?

Southern toads primarily eat insects, worms, and small invertebrates. They occasionally consume small rodents and other amphibians.

How Often Should I Feed My Toad?

Feed your Southern toad every day or every other day. Ensure a varied diet for optimal health.

What Habitat Is Best For Southern Toads?

Southern toads thrive in moist, warm environments with plenty of hiding spots. A terrarium with soil and plants works well.

How Do I Clean A Toad’s Habitat?

Clean the habitat weekly. Replace substrate, clean decorations, and ensure the water dish is fresh and clean.


Southern Toads make wonderful pets. They are easy to care for and fun to watch. Follow this guide to keep your toad healthy and happy.

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