Invasive Cane Toad

An invasive species is a plant, animal, or other organism that is not native to a particular area and causes harm to the environment or economy. The cane toad (Rhinella marina) is an amphibian that was introduced to Australia in 1935 in an attempt to control the population of destructive beetles in sugarcane crops. However, … Read more

How High Can Toads Jump?

Toads can jump high, but the record is only about 3 feet. Toads are amphibians that are known for their ability to jump. They can be found in a variety of habitats, but prefer areas with moist soil. Toads use their strong legs to jump when they are trying to escape predators or capture prey. … Read more

How to Set Up a Fire Belly Toad Tank?

A fire belly toad tank should be at least ten gallons, with a secure lid. The substrate should be two to three inches deep, and composed of coco fiber, sphagnum moss, or a mix of the two. Live plants are recommended for the tank, as they provide humidity and help with filtration. A basking spot … Read more

How to Care for Fire Belly Toad?

To properly care for your fire-belly toad, you will need to provide a habitat that includes both land and water. The enclosure should have a secure lid, and be large enough to accommodate both a hiding spot and room to swim. The substrate should be absorbent and easy to clean, like newspaper or reptile carpet. … Read more

Fire Belly Toad

The fire belly toad is a small amphibian that is native to East Asia. These toads get their name from the orange and red markings on their bellies, which are used to warn predators of their toxicity. Fire belly toads are relatively easy to care for and make interesting pets. If you’re looking for an … Read more

What is under a Toad Mushroom?

A toad mushroom is a type of fungi that typically has a brown or red cap with white spots. The underside of the mushroom is where the spores are produced. These mushrooms are often found in damp, shady areas such as woods or gardens. Toad mushrooms are not edible and can cause stomach upset if … Read more