How Do Purple Frogs Reproduce?

How Do Purple Frogs Reproduce?

Purple frogs are unique. They live underground most of their life. But, they come out to breed.

How Do Purple Frogs Reproduce?


What Are Purple Frogs?

Purple frogs are rare. They are found in India. They have a distinctive purple color. They are also known as Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis.

Breeding Season

Purple frogs breed during the monsoon. The monsoon season brings heavy rain. This usually happens between May and June.

Coming to the Surface

During the monsoon, male frogs come out first. They start calling for females. Their calls are loud and unique.

Mating Process

When a female hears the call, she comes out. The male and female meet. They mate quickly. Mating usually happens in streams or small pools.

Laying Eggs

After mating, the female lays eggs. She lays eggs in water. This can be in streams, ponds, or puddles. The eggs are fertilized by the male.

Eggs to Tadpoles

The eggs hatch into tadpoles. Tadpoles are small and have tails. They live in water and eat algae. They grow quickly.


Tadpoles undergo metamorphosis. This means they change form. They grow legs and lose their tails. They become small frogs.

Young Frogs

Once they become frogs, they leave the water. They start living underground. They dig burrows to stay safe.

Life Underground

Purple frogs spend most of their life underground. They come out mainly to breed. Underground, they eat ants and termites.

Conservation Status

Purple frogs are endangered. Their habitat is being destroyed. Conservation efforts are needed to protect them.

How Do Purple Frogs Reproduce?



Purple frogs have a unique reproduction process. They breed during the monsoon. They lay eggs in water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles. Tadpoles turn into young frogs. Young frogs live underground.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Mating Season For Purple Frogs?

Purple frogs primarily mate during the monsoon season, which typically occurs between May and June.

How Do Male Purple Frogs Attract Females?

Male purple frogs attract females through loud, distinctive croaks, which can be heard even from underground.

Where Do Purple Frogs Lay Their Eggs?

Purple frogs lay their eggs in temporary pools formed by rainwater during the monsoon season.

How Long Does Tadpole Stage Last?

The tadpole stage of purple frogs lasts for about 100 days before they metamorphose into adult frogs.

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