Master the Art of Sketching Toad from Super Mario

To draw toad from super mario, follow these simple steps. First, sketch the basic shape of toad’s head and body, then add in his unique features like his vest, mushroom cap, and large eyes.

Toad is a popular character from the super mario series and has been featured in many video games, cartoons, and merchandise. He is known for his cute appearance, high-pitched voice, and loyal dedication to princess peach and the mushroom kingdom.

Learning how to draw toad is a fun and creative way to show your admiration for this beloved nintendo character. With the right technique and a little practice, you can easily create your own toad artwork and impress your friends and family. Follow these easy-to-follow steps and let your artistic skills shine!

Master the Art of Sketching Toad from Super Mario


Preparing For Toad’S Sketch

Toad, the mushroom character from the super mario world, is a fun character to draw that requires some preparation. Before you start drawing toad, it’s essential to gather all your supplies, understand toad’s physical attributes, emotions and facial expressions.

Gathering Drawing Supplies

Having the necessary supplies can significantly affect the final quality of your drawing. Here are some basics you will need:

  • Pencil: Use a sharp pencil to draw the outlines of toad as it will help create an accurate sketch.
  • Sketchpad: A good-quality sketchpad will ensure that your drawing is neat and tidy.
  • Eraser: Buy a kneaded eraser, which can easily erase mistakes from your sketch without leaving a trace.
  • Sharpener: Keep a sharpener nearby, so you don’t have to leave to sharpen your pencil, breaking your flow.

Understanding Toad’S Physical Attributes

Before starting, understanding toad’s physical attributes is crucial to create a more accurate drawing. Here are some essential features to keep in mind:

  • Mushroom cap: Toad’s most defining characteristic is its mushroom-shaped cap. It’s almost a perfect hemisphere, with a slightly curved underside and a smooth top.
  • Face: Toad’s face sits on top of the mushroom cap. It’s a simple, rounded shape with two large oval eyes and a small nose.
  • Body: Toad has a simple body shape. It’s a small, round shape with two small arms and legs that are thicker at the top.

Studying Toad’S Facial Expressions And Emotions

Toad’s facial expressions are important since they can add more emotion to your drawing. Here are some expressions to consider:

  • Happy: Toad usually looks happy and excited. To achieve this expression, draw large, curved, upward-pointing eyebrows and a smile.
  • Nervous: Toad can also look fearful and nervous. To create a nervous expression, draw eyes with wide-open pupils and eyebrows pointing downwards towards the center.
  • Surprised: Toad can at times look surprised. To achieve this expression, draw large, circular open eyes with raised eyebrows.

Overall, understanding toad’s physical characteristics, emotions and expressions are essential to create an accurate and engaging drawing. So, start by gathering your supplies, studying toad’s physical attributes and expressions, and let’s start creating!

Getting Started With Sketching Techniques

Basic Shapes And Lines

Before diving into the specifics of drawing toad from super mario, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of shapes and lines. Sketching a character requires a solid foundation, and by mastering these basics, you can create a realistic, three-dimensional figure.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Draw toad’s head as a circle, with two smaller circles for the eyes and a curved line for the mouth.
  • Use rectangles for the body and arms, curved lines for the legs, and ovals for the feet.
  • Pay attention to proportions and the placement of features, starting with basic shapes before adding details.

Understanding Depth And Texture

The next step in drawing toad is to understand how to create depth and texture. These techniques will help make your character pop off the page and come to life. Here are some tips:

  • Use shading to create depth and add dimension to your character.
  • Hatch lines can create texture and add shading to toad’s clothes.
  • Pay attention to light sources and how they affect your drawing.
  • Experiment with different types of pencils, such as a regular pencil for sketching and a softer lead for shading.

Sketching Do’S And Don’Ts

When it comes to sketching, it’s important to keep in mind some do’s and don’ts to ensure your drawing turns out the way you want it to. Here are a few tips:


  • Start with simple shapes and build up from there.
  • Use light, loose lines for your sketch before committing to darker lines.
  • Take frequent breaks to rest your hand and eyes.


  • Be afraid to make mistakes. It’s part of the creative process.
  • Rush or get frustrated if your sketch isn’t perfect right away.
  • Use heavy lines or press down too hard on the paper.

Tips And Tricks To Make Toad Look Realistic

To truly bring toad to life, you’ll need to pay attention to the finer details that make him unique. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your drawing look more realistic:

  • Use references from super mario games to get an idea of toad’s unique features.
  • Pay attention to color and use colored pencils or markers to add more vibrancy to your drawing.
  • Use a blending tool, such as a paper stump or your fingers, to smooth out your shading and create a more realistic texture.
  • Keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for you.

Remember, drawing toad (or any character) takes time, practice, and patience. With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to bring him to life in your drawings.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Sketching Toad

Are you a super mario fan, but can’t seem to get toad’s sketch right? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Follow our step-by-step guide to sketch toad and capture his quirky personality.

Sketching Toad’S Head And Face

Toad’s head is round and often resembles a mushroom cap. Here’s how you can sketch it:

  • Draw a large circle for toad’s head
  • Add two small circles for his eyes, leaving a small gap between them
  • Draw a thin rectangle beneath his eyes for his smile
  • Sketch two small circles for his blush marks, one on each cheek

Drawing Toad’S Body And Clothes

Toad is a short, stout character and his body reflects that. Follow these steps to sketch his body:

  • Draw a small oval beneath his head for his body
  • Sketch two short straight lines beneath the oval for his legs
  • Draw two small circles connected to the bottom of each line for his feet
  • Add two small arms with oval-shaped hands on either side of his body
  • Draw a vest-like shape with two curved lines on either side of his body, starting from his neck to his waist
  • Add shorts by drawing a rectangle from his waist to his thighs

Adding Details To Toad’S Facial Features And Clothing

Now that you have the basic sketch of toad, let’s add some details to make him more recognizable:

  • Sketch his mushroom cap hat with small bumps along the top
  • Add dots along his vest for the buttons
  • Draw two lines on either side of his shorts for the pockets
  • Add curved lines to the bottom of his shorts to create the illusion of elasticity

Highlighting Toad’S Personality In The Sketch

Toad is known for his high-pitched voice and his eagerness to help others. Here’s how you can showcase his personality in the sketch:

  • Make his eyes and mouth slightly bigger than other mario characters to convey his enthusiasm
  • Draw his arms outstretched to show that he is always ready to lend a hand
  • Sketch him holding a sign that says “thank you!” To showcase his gratitude

With these simple steps, you have created a sketch of toad that captures his essence. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be able to draw him with ease. Happy sketching!

Enhancing And Refining The Sketch Of Toad

After sketching toad from super mario, it’s time to enhance and refine the illustration to make it more appealing and realistic. The following are key points you can follow to accomplish this:

Adding Shadows And Highlights To Toad’S Figure

  • Use a light source to determine where the shadows and highlights should fall on toad’s body.
  • Use cross-hatching or stippling techniques to create the shadows and highlights, blended properly.
  • The shadows should be darker and have defined edges, while the highlights should be lighter and have subtle edges.
  • Keep in mind that shadows and highlights can define the three-dimensional form of toad.

Adding Background And Elements To The Sketch

  • Sketch a background that complements the character, such as coins, blocks, pipes, or other items from the game.
  • Use different textures and colors for each element to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keep the background simple so as not to overpower the main focus of the illustration.

Reviewing And Improving The Sketch Of Toad

  • Step back and look at the whole illustration to spot any anatomical errors or proportions that need correcting.
  • Adjust the sketch as needed to eliminate any inconsistencies and enhance the overall flow of the drawing.
  • Keep in mind the elements of composition, such as balance and contrast, to ensure the final illustration is well-balanced and attractive.

Remember, refining the sketch of toad will take time and practice, but with these tips, you can create an illustration that is more polished and realistic. Don’t forget to keep practicing, experiment, and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Draw Toad From Super Mario

What Supplies Do I Need To Draw Toad From Super Mario?

To draw toad, you’ll need a pencil, eraser, paper, and colored pencils or markers. Start with a light sketch and build up the details. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfect on the first try – practice makes perfect!

What Are The Basic Steps To Drawing Toad?

To draw toad, start with a round head and add a mushroom cap. Draw two big oval eyes and a smile, then add two small ovals for the feet and two curved lines for the hands. Finish the hat and add some color and shading to bring toad to life!

Can I Use A Reference Image To Draw Toad?

Absolutely! Using a reference image can be helpful in getting the proportions and details just right. Search online for pictures of toad to use as a guide, or take a screenshot from a super mario game.

Is It Difficult To Draw Toad From Super Mario?

Drawing toad is actually a great beginner project! With a little practice, you can get the details just right. Remember to start with a light sketch and build up the details gradually, making adjustments as needed.

What Are Some Tips For Drawing Toad’S Face?

Toad has a big, round face that can be challenging to get just right. Start by drawing a circle for the head, then add the mushroom cap on top. Keep the eyes big and round, and make sure to give toad a big grin! Adding shading around the eyes and mouth can help bring the character to life.


Drawing toad from super mario is a fun and rewarding experience for all fans of the iconic video game franchise. With a few simple shapes and some attention to detail, anyone can create a recognizable likeness of this beloved character.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, following these step-by-step instructions will help you to create a fantastic drawing of toad that you can be proud of. Remember to take your time and enjoy the process, and don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes along the way.

By following these tips and practicing regularly, you can develop your skills and become a master of drawing toad, and other iconic characters from super mario and beyond.

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