Southern Toad Vs American Toad: Unveiling the Mystery

Southern Toad Vs American Toad

Toads are fascinating creatures. They are found in many places. Two common types are the Southern Toad and the American Toad. Let’s learn about their differences.

Southern Toad Vs American Toad: Unveiling the Mystery


Southern Toad Vs American Toad: Unveiling the Mystery



Both toads look different. Here is a table to show their features:

Feature Southern Toad American Toad
Color Brown or gray Brown or reddish
Size 2 to 4 inches 2 to 4.5 inches
Skin Texture Warty with large glands Warty
Ridges Two ridges behind eyes One ridge behind eyes


Southern Toads and American Toads live in different places. Here is a list of their habitats:

  • Southern Toad: Found in the southeastern United States.
  • American Toad: Found in eastern and central United States.


Both toads have unique behaviors. Here are some key differences:

  • Southern Toad: Active at night, hides during the day.
  • American Toad: Active during day and night.


Both toads eat insects. They help control pests. Here is a comparison of their diets:

  • Southern Toad: Eats beetles, ants, and worms.
  • American Toad: Eats flies, ants, and crickets.


Toads lay eggs in water. Here are the differences in their reproduction:

  • Southern Toad: Lays eggs in long strings.
  • American Toad: Lays eggs in shorter strings.


Both toads have unique calls. Here is how they sound:

  • Southern Toad: High-pitched trill lasting up to 30 seconds.
  • American Toad: Long, musical trill lasting 4-20 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Differences?

Southern toads have prominent cranial crests, while American toads have kidney-shaped parotoid glands.

Which Toad Is More Common?

The American toad is more widespread across North America compared to the Southern toad.

Do They Have Different Habitats?

Yes, Southern toads prefer sandy soils, whereas American toads inhabit forests, fields, and gardens.

How Do Their Calls Differ?

Southern toads produce a high-pitched trill, while American toads emit a long, musical trill.


Southern Toads and American Toads are different. They have unique features, habitats, and behaviors. Knowing these differences helps us appreciate them more. Next time you see a toad, you can identify it!

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