What Do Purple Frogs Sound Like?

What Do Purple Frogs Sound Like?
What Do Purple Frogs Sound Like?

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Have you ever wondered what purple frogs sound like? These unique frogs have fascinating calls. Let’s explore their sounds and learn more about them.

What Are Purple Frogs?

Purple frogs are rare amphibians. They are also known as Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis.

They live in the Western Ghats of India. These frogs are unique because of their purple color and strange sounds.

Habitat of Purple Frogs

Purple frogs live in underground burrows. They spend most of their lives hidden from view.

They come out only during the monsoon season. This is when they breed and make their special calls.

Behavior of Purple Frogs

Purple frogs have interesting behaviors. They have a unique way of living underground.

They use their snouts to dig into the soil. This helps them stay hidden and safe from predators.

Sounds of Purple Frogs

Purple frogs make special sounds. These sounds are called calls or vocalizations.

They use these calls to communicate with each other. Here are some interesting facts about their calls:

  • Purple frogs’ calls are low-pitched and deep.
  • The calls are similar to a chicken’s cluck.
  • They make these sounds during the monsoon season.

Why Do Purple Frogs Make Sounds?

Purple frogs make sounds for various reasons. Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. Attracting Mates: Male frogs call to attract female frogs. The louder the call, the better the chances of finding a mate.
  2. Defending Territory: Frogs also use calls to defend their territory. They let other males know that the area is taken.
  3. Communication: Frogs use sounds to communicate with each other. They share important information through their calls.
What Do Purple Frogs Sound Like?

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How to Identify Purple Frog Sounds?

Identifying purple frog sounds can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you recognize their calls:

Characteristic Description
Pitch Low and deep
Duration Short bursts
Pattern Repetitive clucks

Listen carefully during the monsoon season. This is when purple frogs are most active and vocal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Purple Frog Sound Like?

Purple frogs emit a low-pitched, resonant croak that resembles the sound of a clucking chicken.

How Do Purple Frogs Communicate?

Purple frogs communicate using their distinctive croaks, which help in attracting mates and warding off predators.

Are Purple Frog Sounds Loud?

Their sounds are not very loud but can be distinctly heard in their natural habitats, especially during the monsoon.

Do Purple Frogs Croak At Night?

Yes, purple frogs are nocturnal and typically croak at night, especially during the mating season.


Purple frogs have unique and fascinating sounds. They use these calls for various reasons, including attracting mates and defending territory.

Next time you hear a strange cluck during the monsoon, it might be a purple frog! Keep your ears open and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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